City of Tuscaloosa plans events in remembrance of April 27, 2011 tornado

Plans to mark 10th anniversary of April 27 tornado in Tuscaloosa

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - Tina Crotts joined others with United Cerebral Palsy Tuesday at Tuscaloosa’s Jaycee Park in Alberta. She had no idea they were within walking distance of this historic marker in remembrance of people involved with the April 27 tornado.

“I think the saddest thing is when you go through something and you’re in it and as time goes on you kind of forget,” Crotts said.

That’s why Tuscaloosa city leaders are planning events and other things in recognition of one of the worst days in the city’s history.

Last Tuesday, Mayor Maddox told the city council they were planning things to be low key.

“Each person’s road to recovery is different and we aren’t new to that. But at the same time, we do not want to forget what happened that day,” Maddox explained.

The historic marker in Jaycee Park remembers the victims, first responders, and volunteers who helped on that day and after.

Memorials for each of those groups are planned as well in Alberta, Forest Lake, and Rosedale on April 27.

”I think we should have memory for those who we lost, for those who are still struggling. I’ve had friends who lived over that way who were in homes when they were torn apart. Until this day they haven’t forgot. So to me, we need more meaning to it,” Crotts continued.

Some of the plans, including asking churches with bells to ring them at 5:13 p.m. on April 27, are still being worked on. We’ll let you know when they are set.

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