Former Alabama Shakes drummer arrested

Former Alabama Shakes drummer arrested
Steven William Johnson (Source: LCSO)

LIMESTONE CO., Ala. (WAFF) - An Alabama musician was arrested Wednesday after allegedly violating conditions of his probation.

He was also indicted on a charge of willful abuse of a child.

Steven William Johnson was booked into the Limestone County Jail on a $21,500 bond.

Johnson is the former drummer of the Grammy-winning band, Alabama Shakes, based out of Athens.

Johnson pleaded guilty to violating a protective order in March of 2020. He received a suspended sentence of 1-year in jail, with 24-months on probation.

The Limestone County District Attorney asked the court to revoke that suspended sentence, alleging that Johnson “failed to avoid injurious or vicious habits” and “failed to avoid persons or places of disreputable or harmful conduct or character.”

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