Mt. Olive residents prepare for another round of severe weather

Mt. Olive residents prepare for more storms

MT. OLIVE, Ala. (WBRC) - It’s been exactly one week since a tornado tore through the community of Mt. Olive and now they’re preparing for what could be another round of severe weather.

St. Patrick’s Day was an unlucky day for many in the Mt. Olive community who witnessed their homes and businesses being destroyed by storms that mowed a path of destruction through the area.

Kenneth and Debra Murray are having a bit of déjà vu.

Just this time last week, they were cleaning up from last week’s storms, and making the dreaded phone calls to their insurance agent, contractors, and inspectors.

A lot of that was still going on Wednesday as they prepare for more severe weather Thursday, but the Murrays said they have a more solid plan in place this time around.

“Nervous, but I think we’ll be alright,” said Kenneth Murray.

“It just makes you aware and you wanna think two or three steps down the road rather than just the one,” Murray said.

The Murrays have been living in their home on Lykes Road for 37 years and said many tornados have missed their home.

But last Wednesday’s tornado toppled a tree in the couple’s back yard causing damage to their roof, a bathroom and electrical problems.

“Everybody else on the road has had power for days and we thought we would, but we had a little technical difficulty: some wires were exposed,” Murray said.

It will be a couple of weeks before power is restored, but the Murrays are thankful they have each other, and their home is still standing.

They’ve also gained a better understanding of what to do when severe weather strikes.

“We’re gonna be having the radios full blast listening to the weather forecasts and all that. My neighbor has told us we are more than welcome to come over and stay in her basement. Last time broke us from not being prepared.”

In addition to that safety plan, Murray said he plans to go out and buy few things ahead of the storm like helmets, more batteries, extension cords, and an air horn in case he ever becomes trapped and needs to signal someone for help.

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