Know where to get information about Tuscaloosa-area shelters

Storm shelters in Tuscaloosa

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - Tuscaloosa-area residents sought shelter from last week’s tornadoes in places like the McDonald Hughes Center, a shelter built to hold more than a thousand people.

“If there’s a nearby warning to our county, I will recommend, as the director, to open the shelters. But that is a day by day basis on the day of the storm,” Tuscaloosa County EMA Director Nick Lolley said.

He advises people to go to All 27 community storm shelters in the county are listed there. There are maps showing where they are as well address, phone number, description of the facility. It will also tell you whether or not a particular shelter is open.

Lolley stressed the difference a storm shelter can make if there’s a tornado where you live. “That’s why they were built. They were built for the community to go to them. And that’s good to see that people are heeding the warnings. That’s what we want you to do. We want you in a shelter. Just because you’re a brick house does not mean that you will survive,” Lolley continued.

Last week the city of Tuscaloosa opened the 5 storm shelters in the city at 10am ahead of any tornado watches or warnings.

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