Trussville couple caught COVID-19 before they could get the vaccine

Trouble getting COVID vaccine?

TRUSSVILLE, Ala. (WBRC) - We continue to hear from many folks who are having trouble signing up for the COVID vaccine.

Robert and Judy Whorton of Trussville are both 69 years old. Both have health issues and had trouble getting the vaccine. Public health officials preach patience and persistence.

Judy Whorton is still in Grandview Hospital. She came down with COVID in mid-March and developed breathing problems. Robert Whorton came down with COVID in early March. He said they did all they could to register for a vaccine after family members caught the infectious disease.

“We started registering with the county, UAB, anybody who indicated they would be offering the vaccine like Walgreens and so forth,” Whorton said.

There are more vaccine providers and vaccines in Alabama. Dr. Wesley Willeford with the Jefferson County Health Department said there is a large demand for vaccinations. but Willeford suggests don’t limit your options.

“Throwing your lot in with as many organizations as you can. If it’s some of our large hospitals, do it there. If it’s some of our smaller pharmacies, do it there. If it’s the health department, do it there,” Willeford said.

Now that the Whorton’s are recovering from COVID they are now limited in getting a vaccine shot for possibly for a few months.

“After infection, you do have protection against COVID-19. They say if you had COVID-19, we can get to you a little bit later while we can get it to people who haven’t had it and may be vulnerable to infection,” Willeford said.

Still at his wife’s side at the hospital, Whorton is vowing to continue to search for a vaccine for both of them.

“I’m going to get it whenever I qualify now that I have COVID. The same for my wife,” Whorton said.

The top priority is now getting Mrs. Whorton feeling better and home.

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