Mt. Olive home demolished during severe storms, family dog survives

Tornado damage in Mt. Olive community

MT. OLIVE, Ala. (WBRC) - Many homes in the Mt. Olive community suffered significant damage during Wednesday’s severe weather.

Some of the most significant damage seen in Mt. Olive has been from trees that have toppled over onto homes. And that was the case for Sandra Henley.

She grew up on Mt. Olive Road, but now lives up the street in Warrior. Her sister, nephew and their dog live there now.

Henley said her mother and father bought the house back in 1976. She was a teenager at the time and said she has fond memories growing up there.

Henley was riding out the storm in her own bathtub when she started getting calls from friends saying bad weather had swept through Mt. Olive, and were wondering if everything was okay.

Henley said thankfully everyone was away from the house when the storm hit, but her sister’s Boston Terrier, Hondo, was home alone when a tree came crashing through the house.

She said she’s grateful neither he nor anyone else was hurt.

“Oh my gosh. This would break Momma’s heart, because this was her home where she raised her kids and all of our friends were always welcomed. Everybody’s safe. It’s just makes my heart sad to see inside,” Henley explained.

She and her siblings were able to get inside earlier to retrieve some family heirlooms and pictures, but they were advised not to go back inside because it’s just not stable.

She said they’re all still in shock and will take it one day at time, not rushing to make any decisions about the house just yet.

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