‘Jesus help me’: Tuscaloosa Co. woman says holding on to tree saved her life during storm

Tuscaloosa Co. storm survival story

TUSCALOOSA Co., Ala. (WBRC) - A Tuscaloosa County woman said holding on to a tree saved her from Wednesday’s powerful storm.

Jennifer Patterson lives on South Rosser Road

Patterson said when the storm blew through, “I get in the car and realize I don’t have my keys.” That’s when Patterson tried to get back in her house using a screw driver, but realized it was too late.

“I throw the screw driver down go to the back side of my trailer,” said Patterson.

When she got there she called her son and yelled the tornado is here.

Patterson said her son told her “Don’t hang up the phone mother, stay on the phone.”

Patterson said, “At that point all I could do is grab on to a little tree in front of me and say Jesus help me, Jesus help me.”

As little as that tree was, she is convinced God made it a mighty one. “Sometimes your plan stops you.”

And when it did, she reacted fast and it saved her life.

Patterson said, “Just call it my cover. I mean he protected me all the way through.”

Her son later embraced her when it was all over.

“You never know when your loved ones are going to see you anymore, so cherish your moments.”

And her loved ones are stepping up to help her clean up after the storm.

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