Clean up continues from Tuscaloosa County storms

Several homes damaged in Tuscaloosa Co.

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - Eastern and southern Tuscaloosa County experienced damage after a round of storms Wednesday.

Multiple homes were damaged or destroyed on Davis and neighboring Rosser Road.

A downed tree ripped one manufactured home in half. Luckily the family who lives there wasn’t home during the storm.

Justin Hendrix says he was at work and his wife went to a tornado shelter just before the tree fell through the home they’ve lived in for the past six years.

He said storms have come and gone before and they hadn’t thought much about them, until now.

“I mean every bedroom is destroyed. The house is actually split all the way down the middle. You can see all the blocks that level it up. It’s smashed. It’s totaled,” Hendrix said.

The Hendrix family spent Thursday trying to salvage what usable belongings they could find.

We’re still waiting on an updated list of the number of homes damaged or destroyed in Tuscaloosa County.

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