Schools weigh options on masks for students & staff

Schools deciding if masks will be required after April 9

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Some school district leaders have already announced they will not require masks in schools when the state mandate expires next month.

Cullman County Schools was the first to make that announcement. Other districts across Central Alabama are still weighing options.

Oneonta City School’s superintendent says no official decision has been made at this time. Leaders plan to discuss this issue at the upcoming board meeting, but noted the district may continue with some type of mask policy after April 9th.

Leeds and St. Clair County Schools Superintendents both said they had not decided yet.

Gadsden City Schools Superintendent said leaders are reviewing the district’s safety plan, but are still leaning towards making masks mandatory for teachers....and highly recommended for students.

Winfield City Schools superintendent said he is looking at potentially making it optional, but the school board has the final say.

“We may recommend masks are optional after April 9th. We’ll still clean and social distance as possible. We’re still going to clean schools as thoroughly as we have up to this point,” said Chris Cooks, Winfield City Schools.

Winfield City Schools Superintendent says he’s considering a proposal to make masks optional because COVID case reports have dropped since February.

Walker County Schools superintendent plans to lift the mask requirement May 1st.

But Fairfield City School’s superintendent has already decided students and teachers will continue to wear masks this year.

“Some of the students are carriers and we can’t mandate or determine what is happening in their home. Because of that we are going to keep it in place this school year and reevaluate it for next school year,” said Dr. Regina Thompson, Fairfield City Schools.

The state department of education has said it will allow local school districts to determine local mask policies.

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