Patient reunited with health heroes at Shelby Baptist

Alabaster Fire & Rescue used a LUCAS device on James Eagan after he went into cardiac arrest

James Eagan reunites with health heroes

SHELBY CO., Ala. (WBRC) - James Eagan was saved after going into cardiac arrest just weeks before Thanksgiving. Thanks to local first responders, EMS dispatch was able to talk Eagan’s son through how to perform CPR until paramedics arrived, rendering emergency care within minutes.

However, health care workers said there was one piece of the puzzle the EMTs used for the first time that assisted in saving Eagan’s life.

Thanks to CARES Act funding made available during the pandemic, Alabaster Fire & Rescue had recently purchased LUCAS devices to have as part of its medical arsenal.

In fact, Shelby Baptist leaders said James Eagan was the first patient the Alabaster team treated with the LUCAS device, which delivers automated, guidelines-consistent chest compressions to improve blood flow in victims of cardiac arrest.

At Shelby Baptist, Eagan was treated in the ED and later underwent a procedure to have a pacemaker installed to help regulate his heart rhythm.

Today, Eagan said he is happy to be enjoying life with his loving wife by his side.

Friday, Eagan hugged and reunited with the EMTs and firefighters who helped save his life that night. He said he does not know if hugging is ‘the man’ thing to do, but he definitely hugs his lifesavers.

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