State could get 2 billion in COVID relief funding for schools

School leaders unsure on how money will be spent


The state is expecting more money for your child’s district in the latest stimulus package approved by Congress. House Democrats passed a $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill signed by President Biden today.

State Superintendent Dr. Eric Mackey had his first briefing Wednesday to get initial information about Alabama’s cut of the money. This latest round of funding is called Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief or ESSER III. Leaders are still working through the breakdown because federal COVID relief money has strict spending guidelines. For example, in previous packages money could only be spent on things like COVID safety supplies or academic support. The state got roughly $200 million in that first round and almost $900 million in the second package, but in this third round, we’re talking billions.

“We will get as much money in ESSER 3 than we got in ESSER 1 and ESSER 2 put together, which means we’ll get about 2 billion dollars in ESSER 3 funds. We’re still working through how they’ll be spent, where they’ll be spent, and how they’ll be distributed,” said Dr. Eric Mackey, State Superintendent.

One thing we do know about the money allocation is that leaders will use the Title 1 Formula which means districts with more students in high poverty would get more money.

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