Some retailers require masks despite relaxed mask mandates

Businesses enforcing masks after mandate ends

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - As states begin lifting mask mandates, some big box retailers and pharmacies will continue requiring face coverings in their stores.

Major chains like Target, Walgreens, Best Buy and Macy’s say mask mandate or not, you will still need to mask up if you want to shop in their stores.

But one local business we talked to is leaving that decision up to you.

Face coverings will remain a must for many big box retailers despite mask mandates expiring, or soon to expire, in some states.

Gov. Kay Ivey extended the mask order in Alabama until April 9th but has no plans to extend it beyond then.

“But at that time, it will become a matter of personal responsibility and not a government mandate. If businesses believe wearing masks are important to keeping their doors open, and their employees and customers safe, and y’all many do, then they’ll have five weeks from today to get ready to impose their own policies,” Ivey said.

CVS is among companies requiring customers and employees to wear masks nationwide.

A spokesman from the pharmacy tells WBRC, Fox 6 News, its employees will refer mask-less shoppers to signs in the store, asking them to “listen to the experts and heed the call to wear a face covering.”

But local retailers like Shoefly in Homewood say it is leaving that decision up to customers.

“The nice thing about our store, it’s fairly big enough, you have the space, and we will continue to keep our masks up at the front, just in case someone is uncomfortable or maybe compromised or something, and if they ask us, we will certainly not have a problem putting it on,” said Shoefly owner, Meg Roebuck.

Roebuck says it will continue other COVID safety measures like disinfecting the store and surfaces and encouraging social distancing.

The National Retail Federation says businesses have the right to establish and enforce their own policies, and can refuse admission or service, if customers don’t comply.

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