Language program for parents and babies offered by Birmingham Talks

Updated: Mar. 8, 2021 at 10:25 PM CST
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - If you’ve ever wondered how much you talk to your baby or how much you understand them, Birmingham Talks offers a conversational program just for parents and babies.

Language Environment Analysis, that’s LENA Start, is a program that provides parents with ways to increase talking and help their child prepare for school. It’s personalized strategies and feedback increases the quality and quantity of talking at home. Families use Lena’s “talk pedometer” as a measure for the child’s language environment.

Birmingham Talks launched LENA in September of 2020 and they’ve already helped serve 20 families throughout the city.

Program manager, Raven Johnson says the 10 weeks she spends in small groups with these families helps with children’s early brain development.

“It counts those interactions. It counts those words,” says Johnson. “Then we get back these reports and i have conversations with parents about what we see in the report. Then we set goals for improvement and each week we just see parents talking more and more with their kids.”

Shay Oden is on week four with her five month old baby girl Lennox. She found out about the program through her church. She says the program has not only been helpful with Lennox, but also with her 4 year old son.

“It gives you lifelong tools that not only teach you skills for them but in your everyday life,” says Oden. “I’m now focused on how I engage with my son, how I engage with people. Getting face to face with them. Getting down to his level when he does something wrong”

Lena start accepts babies & toddlers up to three years old. To apply, visit here.

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