Schools consider whether to mask themselves after mask mandate is lifted

Schools consider whether to require masks themselves

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Once the mask mandate is lifted in Alabama, state superintendent Dr. Eric Mackey is leaving masking after April to each school district.

“If there is a local board of education that feels differently and says no we really want our students and adults through the end of the year - that remains the prerogative of the local school board,” Mackey said.

We spoke with a handful of local school districts about the new order. Some districts haven’t made a decision yet about making past April. Others want to continue it through the end of May.

After the governor’s face mask announcement this week, Tracee Binion’s phone starting ringing with questions and concerns from teachers. Binion is the district 28 representative with the Alabama Education Association. She says AEA is encouraging school districts to continue following CDC guidance past April 9th and mask up.

“You still have a number of individuals in the community who have not been vaccinated either by choice or they haven’t had the opportunity to do so yet. At this time, you’ve got a huge population in the schools that will still be able to get COVID, and so we think mask wearing is going to be very important even after April 9th,” Binion said.

Binion also points to children not being vaccinated yet. Studies are underway to see if the age requirements from the vaccine can come down. Binion also says if school districts reopening plans refer to CDC guidance then they’ll likely continue requiring them after the mandate is lifted.

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