Shelton State adding evening nursing school classes due to more interest in healthcare

Shelton State adds night nursing classes

TUSCALOOSA COUNTY, Ala. (WBRC) - COVID-19 has done more at Shelton State Community College than force the school to have temperature checks performed on people who come to campus.

“Instead of individuals running away from healthcare, we’re finding that there more interest now,” Gladys Hill explained.

Hill, the Associate Dean for Health Services at Shelton State, said the school has taken more calls from potential students interested in the school’s nursing program since the pandemic began.

“We had calls in the past from students who wanted to access the nursing program, but because of their work schedule or daytime responsibilities, they could do classes in the daytime,” Hill continued.

Shelton State will begin offering evening nursing classes this summer. There are nearly 200 students currently in the nursing program. Now it could grow well beyond that number.

“In order to meet the demand for the number of healthcare providers that’s needed, we saw this as an opportunity to provide that option,” Hill added.

The window to sign up for evening nursing classes ends on April 2nd. Evening nursing classes Shelton State begin May 24th.

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