Northport city council approves study on forming school system

Northport forming its own school system

NORTHPORT, Ala. (WBRC) - The Northport City Council agreed to hire a consultant to do a feasibility study on the city forming its own school system. WBRC talked to Mayor Bobby Herndon about the possibility of breaking away from the Tuscaloosa County School system.

“Northport citizens, in my opinion, need to be making the decision for the betterment of Northport children,” Mayor Herndon said. He supports moving forward with another study to determine what it would take for Northport to have its own school system.

“Northport is the 21st largest city in the state. But we’re the third largest city in the state without our own school system,” he continued. He believes not having a school system hurts commercial growth in Northport. Herndon also feels creating a one would also raise property values quickly. Paying for the creation of a city school system would be left up to a vote from residents on whether or not to raise taxes.

Herndon says there is public support for forming a Northport City school system. “We’re getting so much conversation from citizens of Northport that want to have its own school system,” he explained.

Tuscaloosa County Schools Superintendent Dr. Keri Johnson, said in a statement, “I am aware that the Northport City Council has taken a step to investigate the possibility of a Northport city school system, and I certainly respect their right to do this. The Tuscaloosa County School System will continue serving all of our students and families, those within Northport and across Tuscaloosa County.”

Mayor Herndon says the feasibility study should be completed in 60 to 90 days.

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