COVID-19 precautions in place during Tuscaloosa municipal elections

Municipal Election Day in Tuscaloosa

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - This is election Tuesday in Tuscaloosa and people are headed to polls to vote for mayor, city council, and the Tuscaloosa City school board.

Tuscaloosa City officials felt one way to help grow turnout for the vote was to make sure people felt safe. Election officials said they followed CDC and state guidelines when it comes to coronavirus. They’re trying to promote social distancing at polling places. Also, hand sanitizing stations and masks are available at all seven polling sites in the city.

City spokesman Richard Rush says the city modeled precautions taken during other recent municipal elections and last year’s presidential elections to make sure people felt safe.

“We’re going to be sanitizing the pens and polling stations after each use so we can get people in and out safely,” Rush explained.

He added, the city set up extra time for people to be able to come in on Saturdays to absentee vote. People are allowed to come into city hall council chambers as votes are counted.

You can also view those results online, here.

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