Where will Alabama’s Johnson & Johnson doses go?

Vaccine allotment

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Alabama is getting ready to get its first shipment of the Johnson & Johnson single-dose COVID-19 vaccine.

The state is getting a little more than 40,000 doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. State health officials said it is not a lot, but it will still help.

“There was not a lot of vaccine available from Johnson and Johnson,” Dr. Karen Landers said.

Low vaccine supply from Johnson and Johnson means Alabama is only getting 40,100 doses of the new single shot vaccine.

“We feel that we received our share,” Landers said.

Dr. Landers with the state health department said the small amount isn’t specific to here, other states aren’t getting many doses either.

Louisiana and South Carolina have similar populations to Alabama. Louisiana is getting about 38,000 doses and South Carolina is getting around 41,000.

“There just wasn’t as much vaccine manufactured and prepositioned as there was with the MRNA vaccine,” Landers said. “But, we do understand that the company is ramping up their production.”

Even with limited supply, Landers said it will still help the state spread vaccine to first time providers and counties where populations have higher risks.

“We are really going to try and spread this vaccine statewide,” Landers said. “It is a small amount, but we will spread it to providers that haven’t been able to be actively engaged in vaccination, even though they want to be and certainly are eligible to be, but we just need to get vaccine out to more providers.”

Landers said the state doesn’t know when it will get another J&J shipment, but this allotment still makes a difference.

“It is very helpful to have an additional 40,100 doses to the state,” Landers said. “That means that number of people will be fully vaccinated and they don’t have to take a second dose.”

Dr. Landers said she doesn’t know exactly when the product will arrive here in Alabama.

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