UPDATE: Kangaroo caught after escape from farm in small Alabama town

Updated: Mar. 2, 2021 at 8:54 AM CST
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WINFIELD, Ala. (WBRC) - UPDATE: Kangaroo Jack has been caught after several days on the lam.

Winfield Police tweeted the update and a picture Wednesday.

The kangaroo named Jack got loose in the town of Winfield, Alabama.

Braxton Basinger works the crew that was transporting the critter to its buyers in Tennessee. While stopping at a farm in Winfield, where they planned to keep the kangaroo until Thursday, Basinger says the marsupial slipped through one of his worker’s hands and escaped.

Basinger said they transport exotic animals regularly, but they have limited experience with kangaroos. He said Tuesday morning that they had eyes on the kangaroo but were waiting for a vet to come out before approaching the animal. Basinger added there had been three prior unsuccessful attempts of recapturing the kangaroo.

We first heard about the kangaroo being loose after Tiffany Perry sent video of the animal traveling down a roadway on Monday. She said the marsupial escaped from a farm near where she works. She tried to help catch him, but it hopped into the woods.

Kangaroo on the loose in Winfield
Kangaroo on the loose in Winfield

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