Mayor: Water problems in Reform improving

Water reform

REFORM, Ala. (WBRC) - Running water became a precious commodity in Reform recently.

Some residents came to the Marathon truck stop on Highway 82 over the past few days just to use the shower there.

“Some of them saying they’re getting water now. But there’s still a lot of folks out of water. Last night, I had some people come in and shower,” Osam Mohamed said.

Reform Mayor Melody Davis is now telling people the town no longer needs bottled or non-drinkable water donated there. She said in several Facebook posts over the weekend that they were able to locate several leaks in Reform’s water system that left people like Pam Parker without water.

“It takes like three gallons of water to flush one commode and that was my most difficult part,” Parker explained Monday.

Davis said in several Facebook posts that repairs have been made and they are slowly building back water pressure and restoring water service to areas where the water has been off.

Freezing temperatures during February’s winter storm caused new leaks that put more stress on Reform’s water system after someone’s vehicle hit a fire hydrant and drained water there weeks before the freeze.

“You just don’t realize what you use water for, to wash your hands, whether you’re making coffee, washing dishes, cooking. You don’t realize what you use water for until you don’t have it,” Parker said.

Davis said she was unavailable for an interview Monday because she was in several meetings to get the Reform water system up to par.

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