Alabaster CityFest 2021 cancelled due to pandemic

Alabaster CityFest 2021 cancelled due to pandemic
Alabaster CityFest (Source: WBRC)

ALABASTER, Ala. (WBRC) - Alabaster CityFest 2021 has been canceled because of the coronavirus crisis.

The festival had been scheduled for June 5 on the grounds of Thompson High School in Alabaster.

The Alabaster Arts Council emailed this statement: Much planning and promotion is required in intervening weeks to make CityFest the success it has been traditionally. “Though we had hoped to return in June 2021, there are still significant roadblocks to hosting successful events in the coming months, especially from a planning perspective,” says Adam Moseley, president of the Alabaster Arts Council. “We may be much further along in recovering from the pandemic by June, but CityFest preparation takes many months, and the COVID-19 crisis hasn’t allowed us to move forward with concrete plans.”

Social distancing guidelines and recommendations for crowds and capacity are also impediments to return, especially given the expectation of crowd size at this event. “Some events are ticketed and allow for social distancing and capacity measures, but we are determined to keep the event free and available to everyone, so that makes capacity an issue,” says Jamie Cole, Arts Council Vice President. Cole also works with media and artist relations for the event, and says, “Promotion time is limited from a media standpoint, and many artists just aren’t booking events of this type right now, limiting our potential for headlining acts.”

The Alabaster Arts Council has long been committed to producing a festival that is successful for both the community and sponsors. The Council believes the best path to success for the festival is to redirect energies to planning for Alabaster CityFest 2022, as well as potential events in the Fall of 2021, if planning and lead time allow.

“To our sponsors, vendors and partners, we are grateful for your continued commitment to the Alabaster Arts Council and Alabaster CityFest, and look forward to working with you all again for other events that are made possible by your support, and the festival in 2022,” says Camille Herron, Arts Council Vice President.

The date set for CityFest 2022 is June 4.

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