Mind Changers partnering with Tuscaloosa Tourism and Sports

Tuscaloosa Tourism and Sports new partnership

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - Two groups in Tuscaloosa are teaming up in an effort to help young people not only learn from their community, but give back to it.

Mind Changers Inc. and Tuscaloosa Tourism and Sports are currently working together for several events planned this year.

Mind Changers is a non-profit organization that helps mentor kids and teenagers in several Tuscaloosa City Schools. Tuscaloosa Tourism and Sports is responsible for events like the Druid City Music Festival, the Tuscaloosa Triathlon and so many more.

The idea behind the partnership is to get the students engaged in community events by volunteering their time to work them. This gives them a chance to have access and learn from others.

“This whole process is about educating our young students about business opportunities, educational opportunities, entertainment opportunities and sports and recreational opportunities,” said Rodney Pelt, CEO for Mind Changers.

“With Covid, everyone is looking to get out and do stuff. I feel like these kids are excited about the opportunity to be involved with a event,” said Don Staley, CEO Tuscaloosa Tourism and Sports.

Both groups hope exposing these kids to these events will help them develop great social skills, that can help in all areas of life including academic achievement.

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