Etiquette Class held for young men

The Man Project holds etiquette classes for young men

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - It’s never too early to use good manners with your friends, family and even teammates.

That was the message behind an etiquette class being held for young men around elementary or junior high school age at the Nu Deal Barbershop.

It was sponsored by the Man Project, who hopes to hold more of these in addition to this inaugural class held Saturday and Sunday night.

Sunday they learned about fine dining etiquette, but there were several levels of things to learn about.

“We brought young men together to teach them proper etiquette; from self-introduction, how to communicate, body language, talk to them about texting, social media, teasing and bullying,” said the Rev. Kyle Gibson of the Man Project.

There were a few tips some of the adult men in attendance heard today for the first time, indicating how far ahead of the game these young men will be.

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