Fultondale man plans to rebuild after tornado destroys home

1 month since Fultondale tornado

FULTONDALE, Ala. (WBRC) - It’s been one month since a deadly tornado ripped through parts of Jefferson County, and people are still trying to put their lives back together.

Michael Holloway is still sifting through what’s left of his belongings.

“I’m in a hotel still…but I’ve been working with the insurance people. They have a group that they use to try and find like a more permanent temporary housing, ’cause the house is going to have to be demolished and then rebuilt,” Holloway said.

The home where Holloway has spent his entire life is a total loss, but the memories he has growing up there makes the thought of uprooting and starting over someplace else unimaginable.

“Even though I won’t have my childhood home anymore, I still have my childhood land that I grew up on and that to me is what made me decide to stay,” Holloway said.

Holloway said with the daily grind of checking in with insurance agents, contractors, friends and family, and making sure his basic needs are met it’s hard to believe it’s already been a month since the storm hit.

But he said now, each day he opens his eyes is a reminder of how blessed he is.

“God still has a plan for me. It’s been a month. I haven’t figured it out yet…but that’s what’s keeping me going is knowing that every day that I wake up is another good day no matter what happens,” Holloway explained.

Holloway said he should be able to start demo and debris removal on his home next week.

He said he hopes to be in his newly built home by the summer.

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