DCH Regional Medical Center hosts weekend teacher vaccination clinic

Teacher vaccination clinic at DCH this weekend

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - The DCH Regional Medical Center remote vaccination site will be open for business this weekend in Tuscaloosa. Nurses there will give teachers their second dose of coronavirus vaccine.

“We’ve got the vaccine in house to do that. We’re making sure we get all those second doses into place,” said Hospital Spokesman Andy North.

Around 1,000 teachers are scheduled to get their second dose of the Pfizer COVID vaccine.

“We’re very excited to be able to be one of the sites giving these vaccines. We’re very hopeful a lot of other places will be able to open and provide vaccines. It’s important for us as the sole community provider here in Tuscaloosa to be able to provide that to the community and be there when they need us,” North continued.

This is the next step in the process DCH started a month ago when the ADPH allowed teachers to be vaccinated for coronavirus.

DCH will set time aside for the second time on a weekend to ensure teachers are vaccinated for COVID-19.

“So what you’re going to see at that remote site next week, we’re going to be very busy once again,” North reiterated.

This weekend’s teacher clinic is the start of a busy week for the DCH healthcare system. They plan to give 6,500 vaccines over an eight day period.

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