State working to resolve vaccine backlog, people concerned about canceled appointments

Woman trying to get second dose of COVID vaccine

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Many of you have reached out to us with concerns about getting your second dose of the COVID vaccine. Some clinics are waiting on shipments and some people say their vaccine date has been pushed back.

“When they announced they had it, we went immediately and made an appointment,” said Sarah Bright.

Bright says it was a relief to get her 94-year-old mom on the list to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Back in January she took her mom to get her first dose and marked on the calendar when they’d need to go back for the second.

“We assumed we’d be able to go up there and get it. They gave us a time and everything and then they called us before the appointment and told us they didn’t have it and would let us know when they got it in,” said Bright.

Public Health officials say you have roughly between a 28-42 day window to get the second dose of the Moderna vaccine, and Bright says her mom is getting closer to the 42 day deadline and she has concerns.

“If it takes two shots, then it takes two shots and we want her to get it. But my question is what’s wrong,” said Bright.

We reached out to the clinic Wednesday and spoke briefly to a representative by phone at Lakeside Primary Care Clinic who confirmed the office was out of the vaccine.

We followed up the state about the issue and leaders say there were some shipment delays in first and second doses because of the weather. A full statement from Dr. Karen Landers reads:

“Clinics that administered first doses will receive second doses and need to order based upon instructions they received as ImmPRINT providers. When a person receives vaccine at a provider, the second dose is allocated to that provider. All vaccine shipments are directly from McKesson to the provider. Weather delayed some shipments for vaccines, both first and second doses, but shipments are arriving to providers now. The backlog of shipments should resolve this week. If the provider has questions about second doses, the provider should follow up through ImmPRINT. The Alabama Department of Health (ADPH) prefers that persons return to the provider where they received vaccine as this is where the second dose is allocated. Vaccines can be given 42 days past the first dose and longer in extenuating circumstances. ADPH encourages persons to receive vaccine as close to the interval date as possible. Persons do not need to restart the vaccine.”

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