State health officials optimistic about vaccinations come March in Alabama

Optimistic about vaccine

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - February has been a frustrating month for many people trying to get the COVID-19 vaccine, but things could change soon.

Besides not having enough vaccine, one of the biggest challenges is having to give out second doses... seeing all of those patients twice.

Alabama has received more than a million doses, and administered almost 800,000.

But only a quarter of those folks have gotten BOTH shots.

“Most of our 67 sites spent the month of January dispensing first shots, and really using all the doses and resources they had,” said Scott Harris, state health officer.

Naturally, February was focused on the follow-up dosage -- Alabama has made the full sequence a priority. “Having fully vaccinated people is better than having them partially vaccinated,” said Harris.

Soon, the logistical hurdle of two shots might not be such an obstacle.

Enter the one shot option.

“We also are expecting a new vaccine product available in the next week or so, the Janson product, which is owned by Johnson and Johnson.”

A one-shot vaccine would free up more appointments as supply becomes available in Alabama.

We could learn if Johnson and Johnson gets emergency use authorization as soon as Friday.

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