Northport Mayor helps woman hurt during a domestic incident Wednesday

Northport mayor saves woman from attack

NORTH PORT, Ala. (WBRC) - Northport Mayor Bobby Herndon said he was at the right place at the right time to help a woman who was being pushed to the ground and almost forced inside a of a car.

“I’m not going to standby and watch someone get hurt,” Herndon said. That’s why Mayor Herndon ran to help the woman who was being assaulted near his business.

It happened around 8 o’clock Wednesday morning near the intersection of 20th Avenue and 28th Street. Herndon was walking out of his business when he and his son heard screaming and saw a woman who needed help. He ran from his parking lot and headed toward the trouble.

“Whether it’s a woman or a guy that’s being picked on, abused or bullied, you got to take a stand. And I’m always going to take a stand,” the Mayor explained.

Herndon said the man assulting the woman fled as he approached.

“Before I could make it to them, he released her and got back into his car and right when I got there, he took sped off.”

The man didn’t get far. Someone had called Northport police earlier and they responded to the area and took 34 year-old Keldrick Desroches of Tuscaloosa into custody. Police charged him with domestic violence harassment. according to Northport Assistant Police Chief Keith Carpenter.

“Be aware of every situation. Be mindful of people and it’ll all come to a good end,” Herndon said.

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