JCDH, UAB and NAACP Talk COVID-19 vaccines facts and Myths

Answering questions about vaccines and people of color

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Wednesday, Jefferson County Department of Health officer Dr. Mark Wilson and UAB Epidemiologist Dr. Suzanna Judd teamed up with the Alabama NAACP for an informational session to answer questions and ease fears over the COVID 19 vaccines.

The state President of the Alabama NAACP realizes there are problems. “There is some hesitancy particular among the African American community unfortunately some of the syphilis study at Tuskegee.” Bernard Simelton said.

Wilson and other health leaders realize there are some people of color who might hesitate to get the shots. Wilson, Dr. Judd and the state NAACP hope the more information they have that will change.

One of the first questions Wilson answered concerned nanoparticles in the vaccines to go to your muscle tissue and whether or not it contains a tracking microchip.

“The term nano is also used in that type of technology of course they have nothing to do with each other. that is totally false,” Wilson said.

Judd talked about how Alabama and Jefferson County could be approaching herd immunity if vaccinations continue and people don’t drop their guard by not wearing masks and social distancing.

Wilson was also asked about the wide disparity between white patients and African American patients getting the vaccines.

“People of color are more likely to be living in poverty. Having less access to the internet and maybe less access to information,” Wilson said.

Wilson believed that is changing because he is seeing increased demand for vaccinations by people of color in Jefferson County.

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