The number of COVID-19 positive patients drops at DCH affiliated hospitals

Hospitalization numbers dropping at DCH

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - A spokesman for the DCH Health System said they have not had this few patients in the hospital with coronavirus in several months.

Andy North with DCH says there are only around 40 people with COVID-19 in the three hospitals it manages. North also said on January 19, those same hospitals had just under 200 people sick with the virus.

Because of that drop in cases, some COVID-19 wings have been switched back to normal patient rooms. He believes that drop off is the result of the amount of time passing since there were holiday gatherings. North also thinks vaccinations are playing a part too.

“Probably the biggest most important impact has been giving the vaccine to those 65 and older. Those are the individuals that have needed hospitalization at the highest levels. So because we’ve been giving the vaccine to them, we’ve seen fewer of these individuals in the hospital,” North explained.

He went on to say the drop in coronavirus hospitalizations allows them to put more focus on vaccinations. More hospital staff is now freed up to do that at DCH’s remote vaccination site.

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