Hoover City Schools to offer virtual learning option for 2021-22 school year

Hoover offering virtual class

HOOVER, Ala. (WBRC) - The 2020-2021 school year isn’t over yet, but the Hoover City School District is already looking ahead to next year saying it will offer a full-time virtual learning option.

Hoover City School leaders sent out a letter to families Monday morning asking them if they are planning to have their child continue with full-time virtual learning for the upcoming school year.

A spokesman said this was done for planning purposes only, so school leaders will know how to prepare.

The school district declined to speak to us on camera today, but the director of the Alabama Education Association, Tracee Binion, said this virtual option is an excellent idea.

Binion said whether we’re in a pandemic or not, she believes there is a group of parents who would like to have a remote or virtual learning option for their children.

She said that would save them the time and effort of having to go outside the district for that type of learning option.

She said this type of learning is also better for some students who don’t thrive in social settings.

“And they probably would progress better if they were in a virtual setting. So, I really think this is the wave of the future as far as public education is concerned, and I think all public education…all schools will be offering some sort of virtual option or should be in the future,” Binion said.

Binion added that it shouldn’t be hard for most schools in Alabama to continue some sort of full-time virtual or remote option going forward.

Many schools already have that in place now, and Binion said the Alabama legislature is working now to expand broadband in more areas to make that possible.

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