UPDATE: Water back on for Hamilton residents after winter havoc

Officials hopeful Hamilton water outage will be fixed soon

HAMILTON, Ala. (WBRC) - UPDATE: A boil water notice was lifted Thursday, February 25 and neighbors in Hamilton have water again after the winter weather havoc in February.

ORIGINAL: Hamilton bore a lot of the brunt from last week’s winter storm, and many residents are still without water as of Monday night.

The temperatures dipped down into the teens and it was too much for their water infrastructure.

“We’re going into day five, tomorrow will be day six,” resident Jeff Allen said.

County emergency management officials say it’s been a daunting few days, but they are making progress.

“I think they’ve gotta fill up one more tank before it goes into the county, but they’re working on a break between the last two tanks,” Eric Terrell of the Marion County Emergency Management Agency said Monday afternoon.

Hamilton city officials working on the last break say it’s a very large, very deep pipe that ruptured.

“We’re telling everybody it could be until Wednesday, so I think that’s what we are planning for right now,” said Terrell.

That will make it a complete week without water for Jeff Allen and others.

“It’s gotten to the point where we’ve had to boil pond water so our animals have something to drink,” said Allen.

Local stores are out of water, so the EMA helped deliver cases of water to people affected on Monday.

“The county water system, the water board actually bought the water behind me that we are handing out today, so maybe that will be enough to get everybody through,” said Terrell.

They have asked those who do have water to conserve it so they can get water out to the county residents who don’t have it ASAP.

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