UAB working on updating people of their status in vaccination line

Volunteers at UAB sites may get dibs on leftover vaccines

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - We’ve received several phone calls from people asking when they are supposed to hear back from UAB after registering to get vaccinated.

We took that question to clinic organizers today, who say changes are ahead.

For starters, people who register with UAB should now receive confirmation they registered, and even updates.

UAB vaccine clinic organizers have heard the complaints.

“A lot of people have said gee, I went to your website and I didn’t get anything back and now I am just waiting,” said Dr. Sarah Nafziger with UAB.

That lack of notification is now changing.

“Now when people register for a vaccine with us they receive an email response acknowledging the receipt of the registration,” said Dr. Nafziger.

They’re also trying to help keep people updated, given the unpredictability of when they’ll get more vaccine.

“Where am I in line, what’s going on with the vaccine administration, did they forget about me, so we are working on getting that messaging out,” she said.

And for those who already registered, they say they have it, even if you were one of the people who did not receive a response.

Dr. Nafziger isn’t sure when the updates are going out, but they are upgrading the software to make it happen.

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