UAB vaccination clinics back on track following winter woes

How weather impacts vaccine doses

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - When the forecast showed that the weather was going to take a downturn, the vaccine clinic planners at UAB began figuring out how to handle the three-day shutdown at the Hoover Met and Parker High School.

Dr. Sarah Nafziger says they were able to keep the vaccines properly stored safely, not wasting a single dose. As both clinics resumed, they rotated staff as the cold still presented challenges for providers.

“It was really difficult for our vaccinators at the sites with the bitter cold and wet, it’s very difficult you know their hands get numb quickly, we rotate the vaccinators out on frequent intervals so they can warm up a bit,” said Dr. Nafziger.

She says the clinics are not operating at full capacity because they simply still do not have enough vaccines.

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