Tuscaloosa City Schools considering return to 5 days of on-campus teaching

More in-person learning for Tuscaloosa City Schools?

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Tuscaloosa City Schools has always planned to return to in person teaching five days a week. Now it says it may safe it enough to do it.

Tuscaloosa City Schools is considering having on campus teaching five days a week instead of the current four days a week. The school system released a statement Thursday quoting Superintendent Mike Daria. He cited the low number of teacher and student coronavirus cases recently as reasons why that change is being considered.

The superintendent also mentioned more teachers are being vaccinated for COVID19.

Rick Bailes, the Alabama Education Representative for teachers working in Tuscaloosa City Schools said he talked with Dr. Daria before that announcement and told him switching back to 5 days of in person teaching, along with maintaining tasks related remote learning on that fifth day would be hard on some teachers.

“Right now the teachers are using that fifth day. That’s the day they have without students to be able to plan, prepare, do a lot of their virtual catch up stuff they have to do, talk to parents. That’s important to them.”

Tuscaloosa City Schools says it will make a decision on changing to five days of in person teaching within the next two weeks. That decision would affect the school year between March through May of 2021.

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