Hale County Hospital loosens visitation restrictions after COVID19 cases drop

Hale Co. hospital revises visitor restrictions

HALE CO., Ala. (WBRC) - Hale County Hospital is loosening visitation restrictions because of a drop in coronavirus cases in the county.

The hospital posted a message on its Facebook page earlier this week saying in part that all patients may have one visitor for the duration of their visit.

On December 29th, the hospital announced all hospital visits would be stopped unless it was approved by Hale County Hospital as an end of life situation.

Hale County EMA Director Russell Weeden said coronavirus cases peaked around Christmas with 266 positive COVID19 cases in the county. Since then, he says the number of coronavirus cases in Hale County are about half that.

Weeden believes allowing some visitors will especially benefit older patients.

“So that helps family members especially if they are elderly, to have somebody with them they can talk to. It was very hard for a lot of older people to be in the hospital without any visitors.”

Teens who are under 18 and admitted to the emergency room are still allowed to bring one parent with them.

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