Which COVID-19 vaccine should you get? Doctors say whichever you can

What COVID vaccine is right for you?

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Many of you have asked us, “what COVID-19 vaccine should I get?” Health experts say the short answer is whatever vaccine you can get in your area.

Doctors say both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines help prevent hospitalizations and deaths. They say waiting on a more effective vaccine is not what you need to do.

Former State Health Officer Dr. Don Williamson, who also heads the state’s hospital association, says the current vaccines on the market are effective. Williamson tells us when you become eligible for one, you should get the shot no matter the drug maker.

“If you are comparing vaccines, the most important thing is when you can get a vaccine, get a vaccine. Don’t worry about who the manufacturer is. Feel comfortable that whichever vaccine you get, it is effective in reducing your risk of death and disability,” Dr. Williamson said.

Johnson and Johnson’s one-shot vaccine could be on the market soon. AstraZeneca might not be too far behind.

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