How to get help with a high power bill after winter weather in Jefferson County

Options for high electric bills

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Temperatures have felt more like Alaska than Alabama this month and that means for most of us, our electric bill will hurt to see.

The first step is to try to keep costs low by using less power, but when it’s as cold as it has been, that’s not easy. Turning down the thermostat, putting blankets under doors and over windows is a start, but costs will still go up, and some may not be able to afford the increase.

That’s where organizations like Jefferson County Committee for Economic Equality come in.

“I would say because we have multiple streams of funding, let JCCEO be your first stop,” said Hollis Johnson, JCCEO Director.

JCCEO is currently distributing funds from a federal program to help people specifically with heating costs.

“We got about $1 million to help clients with this program to help clients with their power bill or gas bill,” said Johnson.

That’s one of several programs they offer -- they have more resources, but only for Jefferson County residents.

“I will have some more funding coming,” he said.

Another resource: Contact your service provider and ask for help. Alabama Power says they have several programs to help their customers.

If you see Project Share on your power bill and can donate to help, check that box to help disabled and elderly people who need it.

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