Winter storm continues to cause vaccination delays in Alabama

Winter storm wreaking havoc on COVID vaccinations

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - The threat of winter weather is still creating problem for many who are seeking to get their COVID 19 vaccine. Many health departments in west and northwest Alabama remain closed.

It’s been a problem all week. Vaccinations sites were shut down at several county health departments and other vaccine sites. But the Alabama Department of Public Health hopes to get back on track next week.

“While this has caused a delay. We’ll adapt by using extended hours and if necessary vaccinating on Saturday. Again, it has been a bit of a problem. It’s to delay our numbers for this week,” Dr. Karen Landers with ADPH said.

Those health departments that missed appointments for Monday and Tuesday hope to make up those vaccinations on Saturday. UAB hopes to resume vaccinations at Parker High School and at the Hoover Met Thursday. But Landers said some health departments and other providers may be closed for a while because of the latest weather threat.

“People have to be safe. Remain in their homes and off the roads unless it’s absolutely safe to travel,” Landers said

Landers said the delivery of COVID-19 vaccine has been impacted by the winter weather as well. The state got it’s normal supply for this week but the shipment for next week could be affected. No vaccine has been lost due to delay. People who are awaiting their second shot should not worry.

“We do have data through the CDC related to giving the vaccine up to 42 days and even longer if needed,” Landers said

Landers said schedules can be altered to catch up on vaccinations. She said the state can get shipments at different times to help recover from any delays. And the health department is asking people to be patient and safe during this weather outbreak.

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