Bruno Event Team now staffing COVID-19 vaccine hotline in Jefferson County

Bruno Event Team taking over JCDH call center

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Have you had problems trying to get through to schedule a COVID-19 vaccination shot in Jefferson County?

We learned Wednesday that the Bruno Event Team is taking over the call center to register for shots and get questions answered about the vaccination.

Jefferson County’s EMA has been swamped with phone calls to register for shots. The call center was made up with mostly volunteers who some say were overwhelmed by the huge demand. Now a professional call center will take over to speed up the process.

People have been lining up to get their COVID-19 shots in Jefferson County. You could go online to register or call the hotline with volunteers at the Jefferson County EMA, but that faced a big problem.

“Just the volume and demand was too great to sustain with volunteers and to sustain it with the limited space at the EMA facility,” said Dr. Mark Wilson with the JCDH.

The Jefferson County Department of Health hired the Bruno Event Team to take over the call center because of their success working with UAB’s GuideSafe program.

“We have onboarded and trained 12 operators as of today. We could go up to 20-25-30 operators if need be and handle thousands and thousands of calls,” said Gene Hallman with the Bruno Event Team.

Hallman understands people were frustrated in the past trying to reach a person to speak with and the new system will ensure that happens.

“There is going to be no voicemail. If there is a wait time at the four minute mark, you can press a number and not lose your place in the queue and get a call back,” Hallman said.

Dr. Wilson said there are plans for the call center to reach out to all of those who have registered at this point.

“We are hoping we can do more calls out to people to let them know how they are doing, where they are in the queue, and let them know we have not forgotten about them,” Wilson said.

The call center was up and running as of Tuesday. You can call 205-858-2221. The call center will have expanded hours, Monday through Saturday, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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