Towing companies checking the weather forecast

Tow trucks busy day

LEEDS, Ala. (WBRC) - Frigid weather and the threat of rain is creating another potential weather problem for drivers in Alabama. Towing services had to swing into action last night and Tuesday under cold and dangerous conditions.

It was busy overnight for most wrecker services. Alabama had rain followed by cold weather and that’s a bad mixture for drivers. Still starting off today, those wreckers were pretty pleased to see a number of drivers learned their lessons from the past.

ABC Towing in Leeds was very busy Monday night. As the weather conditions dropped and the roads became icy, the threat just increased overnight. “We kind of about eight o’clock last night, we cut back to doing just emergency calls only. It’s mainly to keep our guys safe,” Shannon Venable said.

Venable was up much of the night coordinating his men, sending them out on just emergency calls and to be sure they were safe on the roads. Venable, who has seen a lot of foul weather cause a huge number of road accidents, was pleasantly surprised to see those calls drop Tuesday morning.

“If you are listening to the weather, paying attention to the weather, listening to the warnings. People have done a good job I think to stay home and not get out,” Venable said.

Venable believed a lot of drivers learned their lesson from past snow and ice events to not try to get out if there is a weather threat like this one.

“We had a meeting with our guys yesterday. I said every time you come into the yard, make sure your truck is filled with fuel. Even if it’s three or four gallons of fuel. Three or four gallons of fuel can save your life,” Venable said.

ABC Towing uses its normal crew to handle even a large weather threat. He will be keeping an eye on the weather forecast as another rain front is coming with subfreezing weather.

Venable said their company is slammed when the weather turns bad. So far, he says this event hasn’t caused any major accidents.

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