Kids and families go snow sledding in Liberty Park

Having fun during a snow day in Shelby Co.

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Children in the Liberty Park area had a lot of fun on Tuesday’s snow day.

Several families spent the morning sledding down a big hill.

The snow on the grass melted at some point, but the grass was still slick enough to slide down. And it also created the opportunity for sibling rivalries.

“Sometimes we race. Sometimes we get mad at each other, but overall it’s fun,” said Collin Guinn.

“We know deep down we love each other and it’s nice to be out here with family and friends,” said Baylor Guinn.

People raced down the hill Tuesday, showing it’s all about technique.

“I’ve been flexing it up, so I can go down faster,” said Townsend Whorley.

Over in Shelby County, the fun was in making the perfect snowball and snow angels.

“I was so happy and surprised and I wanted to make the most of the morning,” said Dalton Jones. “It’s just been an incredible morning.”

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