Fultondale tornado victims now dealing with cold weather

Winter weather another obstacle for storm victims

FULTONDALE, Ala. (WBRC) - Once again, it will be a bitterly cold night. The city of Fultondale will keep their warming station open. This will give folks a place to go as some in the city are still recovering from their homes being destroyed.

It’s a lot for folks to deal with after losing or having your home badly damaged. Most have found a warm refuge for the night, but it’s still another obstacle for some in the community.

The storm shelter on Walker Chapel will be open again to provide a place for those who have no where else to turn. In one Fultondale community, you can still see the devastation from the tornado which hit the city weeks ago.

“We are doing good brother. We are blessed. If you don’t believe in the lord after something like this, there is something wrong with you,” Heath Smith said.

Smith, his wife, and 14 year old son lived in a house that was totally destroyed by the tornado. Smith hoped to see some of the rubble removed next week and to start rebuilding soon in the community. Now, he and his family have to cope with subfreezing weather.

“The cold isn’t so bad man. Not having a roof over my head is the big struggle. Have to go here and there. Start all over,” Smith said.

Smith and his family are fortunate. His late grandmother left them a home to stay in up the road in the Mount Olive.

“She passed away little over a year ago. We moved into her house. I feel like she is still taking care of us,” Smith said.

Smith and his family do worry about others in their community who may not be so fortunate. Despite all the obstacles facing all of them, Smith refused to let the damage or the weather change his outlook on life.

“I guess for the most part, we are all pretty blessed as little as the accidents we did have. The little boy that passed away was on my son’s bus, but that is always dramatic. I’m just blessed to be here. All our animals are safe. Starting over, a new beginning,” Smith said.

Smith said he hoped to see the city or the county step up in removing debris, but the recent weather threat has likely put those services on hold for a day or so.

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