UAB updates progress on COVID-19 vaccination clinics

Vaccinations at Parker HS

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - UAB gave a report Friday on how its vaccination clinics are going so far.

Some people say they’ve had issues getting the shot at the new Parker High School location.

As of Friday morning, Dr. Sarah Nafziger said more than 53,000 vaccines have been administered at the UAB sites.

Parker officially opened Thursday, and she said just over 450 shots have been given there, so far.

Dr. Nafziger said they’re still working on ways to make the Parker site operate more efficiently, but she said she’s pleased with the site, so far.

Patients can get the shot by driving up to Parker High School.

Dr. Nafziger said her team has worked diligently to ensure everyone who makes an appointment will get vaccinated.

She added they wanted to focus on those who don’t have access to transportation and/or technology.

And while they’ve been able to accommodate some people in these populations, the practice isn’t perfect.

“Now we have had some people who have come to the site after we’ve run out for the day, and of course you know we hate that. We don’t like to turn anyone away, but as we mentioned there’s much more demand for this vaccine than we have supply, and so we’ve really focused on trying to make sure that we can reach those underserved populations and we feel like we’re doing a good job with that so far and we hope we’re able to sustain that pace at the Parker site,” said Dr. Nafziger.

Dr. Nafziger said the big problem has been vaccine supply and doesn’t have enough vaccine to supply all the UAB sites at the level she’d like.

She said UAB will continue working with ADPH, and when they get vaccine, they will give it.

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