UAB can’t guarantee second COVID-19 shot; not a problem, so far

Nafziger: Second dose not guaranteed

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Vaccine supply continues to be an issue, and one UAB doctor said there is no guarantee that second shots will be available for those who received their first shots at one of their clinics.

UAB’s Vice President of Clinical Services, Dr. Sarah Nafziger, said that second dose has been a source of anxiety for everyone involved with UAB’s vaccination clinics.

She said they’ve been following guidance from public health officials to not hold back first doses for second doses.

They’ve been told to go ahead and administer first shots, and not worry about whether those second doses will be there.

Dr. Nafziger admits that guidance makes her nervous.

But so far, everything has worked according to the plan, and no second dose appointments have been cancelled for lack of vaccine.

“So far, Alabama Department of Public Health has been true to their word and apparently they’ve had the supply that’s coming in from the federal government,” said Vice President for Clinical Services at UAB, Dr. Sarah Nafziger.

“I hope that continues. Can I guarantee it? No, because we don’t have control over it at UAB, but we’re doing everything we can to work with our partners to make sure that we schedule appropriately so that we get that second dose in in a timely manner,” Dr. Nafziger said.

Dr. Nafziger said as we move ahead in this fight against COVID-19, there’s hope for single-dose vaccines, which would streamline the process of getting people vaccinated because they wouldn’t have to return for a second dose.

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