Shelby Co. man says truck is missing with items from mother’s grave inside

Shelby Co. man says truck is missing with items from mother’s grave inside
Missing truck. (Source: Westley Lewis)

FORESTDALE, Ala. (WBRC) - Several weeks ago, Westley Lewis visited friends who live at the Park Apartments in Forestdale. Lewis said his friends have COVID-19 and he stopped by to offer help.

“They wanted something to eat,” said Lewis. “I went to the Taco Bell in my truck. I came back and went in the house. I gave them the food. I sat with them and we prayed.”

After visiting with the friends for two hours or so, Lewis said he walked outside to find his truck missing. He first thought it had been towed because of where he parked.

“I parked in a handicapped zone because there was no visitor parking. I didn’t want to take up somebody’s personal space,” Lewis said.

He checked with an employee at The Park at Forestdale apartment complex who told him they had no record of a tow. Lewis assumes it was stolen and said he filed report with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office. Police confirm the report was filed.

Lewis said his 2005 Silverado pick-up is not worth much. He is most concerned about the items he left inside it.

“I have some other very close items from my mom’s grave, pictures of my family,” Lewis said. “I’m devastated.”

Those photos and mementos are priceless, but there are other things he lost, too. Lewis’ tools and books for school are gone. His wallet with credit cards, his driver’s license and some cash are gone, as well.

“We don’t even know how they got it,” Lewis said.” The keys were not inside the truck.”

Lewis hopes a nearby business might have surveillance video of someone getting into his truck or of them driving out of the apartment complex onto Arkadelphia.

It is a 2005, black, 4-door Chevy Silverado pickup.

If you see a truck matching the description, please call 911.

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