ADPH pleased with mega vaccination sites

State Health Officer: Mass vaccination sites are a success

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Alabama’s mega vaccination drive through sites, setup in eight cities across the state, are being called a success. Alabama State Health Officer Dr. Scott Harris said volunteers and planning helped get people in and out fairly smoothly.

The Alabama Hospital Association provided these totals of vaccines given this week:


Northeast Alabama Regional Medical Center - 5,000


University of Alabama at Birmingham Hospital - 12,139


Southeast Health - 6,100


Huntsville Hospital - 12,000


University of South Alabama Hospital - 8,300 (This clinic continues through Saturday.)

Providence Hospital - 3,200

Mobile Infirmary - 3,325

Springhill Memorial Hospital - 7,500


Baptist Medical Center - 8,000


Vaughan Regional Medical Center - 5,000


DCH Regional Medical Center - 5,889

According to ADPH at least 105,000 to 110,00 doses of COVID-19 vaccine per week have been administered in Alabama over the past three weeks.

All the vaccine the state receives, both first and second doses, is being administered. Second doses for those vaccinated in this week’s clinics will be given through the same process beginning 21 or 28 days from administration of the first doses, depending on the vaccine.

Dr. Harris says the state supply is still limited even with the expected increase coming from the federal government. Alabama expected to get 60,000 to 70,000 doses a week. UAB hopes to continue its drive through sites as long as their supply can cover some of the demand. The sites will come back in three to four weeks for those who need to get second doses.

Harris said the state is still limited on vaccine supplies. Some will be able to get shots but not enough to add another eligible group of people, those under 65 years old or those with chronic diseases just yet. There just isn’t enough vaccine supply.

At this time Alabama is vaccinating those in categories 1-a and 1-b; healthcare workers, emergency responders, those 65 and older, Teachers, grocery and restaurant workers. That’s 1.5 million people. Just over the last three to four weeks, Alabama has moved up to vaccinating about 100,000 a week. An improvement. especially considering the CDC ranked the state near the bottom for vaccine distribution.

“Even though Alabama got off to a slow start, we are literally giving everything we can give. I think for the last four weeks we have done as good of job as anyone in the country. Giving out the vaccine we have been receiving,” Harris said.

Bu it seems there is still room for improvements.

“We do know we have some data entry problems with these mega sites,” said Harris, referring to problems getting the number of doses reported to ADPH.

Harris expects better numbers will be coming into the agency.

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