ADPH: Alabama’s vaccination sites doing well

How are statewide vacc. going?

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Mass vaccination and drive-through sites are up and running across Alabama.

Each site hopes to vaccinate about 1,000 people a day. So how is it going so far? State health leaders were worried about running these large operations with so many people wanting to get those shots. As of Tuesday, the vaccination process is getting high marks. People are getting in and out fairly smoothly.

The Hoover Met was one of the first mass vaccination and drive-through sites to open. State Health Officer Dr. Scott Harris is pleased with all the reports he has been getting. “I had a chance to visit two of them yesterday. Montgomery and Selma. The flow was going very well and the people seemed gracious and grateful,” Harris said.

Harris was pleased with these two sites since they were first come, first served. All other sites were appointment only. Harris was glad to see a large number of African Americans showing up for the vaccinations. “Yes, we care about equity and how this vaccine is distributed. We want to make sure we are reaching those most at risk for serious illness and death,” Harris said.

Harris said they are always looking to see improvements for the system, but so far the rollout is going well. Alabama hopes to vaccinate about 40,000 people this week. Five thousand at each site. The only major problem continues to be supply.

“Obviously everyone in the state deserves to have the vaccine if they want it, wherever they live, and not everyone has the same availability of transportation. We want to get it to as many places as we possibly can, and right now the limiting factor is how much we have,” Harris said.

Those shots require a second dose, so people will be given dates to come back in three to four weeks. The sites will shut down after this week and resume for the second doses. ADPH hopes to eventually get more supplies and to get to other areas in communities.

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