Mike Behind the Mic: A Conversation with Cornelius Bennett

Episode #23

Mike Behind the Mic: A Conversation with Cornelius Bennett
Mike Behind the Mic (Source: WBRC)

Just in time for the Super Bowl, Mike talks with former All-Pro linebacker and Pro Football Hall of Fame semifinalist, Cornelius Bennett - known to many by his nickname Biscuit.

(By the way, if you’re curious about the nickname, childhood friends gave him that name when was growing up in Ensley because he always had room for more biscuits.)

Cornelius was a RB/TE in high school, got moved to linebacker at Alabama, by head coach Ray Perkins and the rest they say is history. Bennett was the 2nd pick in the 1987 draft by the Colts, but was quickly dealt to Buffalo, where he played in four Super Bowls before moving on to Atlanta, where he played in a fifth Super bowl.

Biscuit talks about being the bridesmaid, that iconic play sack on Notre Dame’s Steve Beurlein, and the goosebumps he got in his first  Super Bowl - ironically in Tampa - when the late Whitney Houston’s national anthem was played.  The Bills lost to the Giants, but had a chance to win on a last-second field goal that was missed by Scott Norwood.

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