Birmingham City School teachers have questions about new potential mid-July start date

Some teachers worried about BCS calendar change proposal

The proposal is tentative and subject to change.

The tentative start date for the school year would be July 19, 2021. For the 2020 school year, the district was scheduled to start on August 24, 2020, but started on September 8th due to the pandemic.

Superintendent Dr. Mark Sullivan said the district wants to get feedback from parents and the community about the proposal. They are distributing a survey for input.

Alabama Education Association UniServ Director Willie Allen sat on the committee discussing the potential new schedule. He is there to help advocate for school staff. He said the AEA will have a better idea of teachers and staff’s feelings about the changes once the surveys are completed, but he said he has already heard questions.

Allen said some educators worry that the new schedule may make it more difficult for parents to plan breaks. He said he has heard concern about starting school during the hottest time of the year and how this will impact district transportation. He said there has also been questions about teacher work days. Allen said one topic is making sure everyone would be able to adjust.

“A concern from the teachers is the adjustment,” Allen said. “Adjusting to that new calendar or adjusting to that being something new for them. Possibly even for the kids to where they will have to adjust to it as well.”

Allen said teachers and parents have until February 18 to return the survey and the board is set to vote on the new schedule on March 9.

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